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Roe Type 600 series 2-6-2 steam locomotive
The Roe type was the logical development from the 2-6-0 or Dakota type locomotive as a result of a larger boiler capacity  and greater tractive power requirements. It was not, however, not built in as large numbers as the Grand Elk 4-4-2, which were developed simultaneously, thus proving better at high speed with their four wheeled leading trucks. But the Roe excelled in pulling much heavier trains and doing so without slipage and with their 85in driving wheels the Roe was well respected as being a locomotive being punctual with all their trains. To put it lightly with a good engineer at the throttle of a Roe type the only reasons the train would be late was a wreck. The engine illistrated is an example of a Roe in it's glory a the peak of their design. In fact, if the term, "Graceful" can be applied to a locomotive, this machine particularly deserves it. The 600 was used in fast passenger service and was often found pulling trains to the frontier full of freshly built steameroid troops.

P1 Hawthorn
Another robust design cooked together as an early mixed goods type, the P1 series was built in modest numbers for smaller railroads throughout the empire. Five identical Hawthorns were used as shuttles for the Carpathian Beach and Bath railroad, a pleasure line which transported paying customers to the hot springs in the mountains north of the the capital and to the beaches within the city's limits.  Furnished in bronze and Iron tree wood the locomotives were as expensive as an engine twice it's size. 
S6 class Imperial shunter

In the 4020s many railroads in the Carpathian expanse had retired 0-4-0 steam locomotives, because they were too small to move freight cars in yards and were too small for switching duties. This was not the case on the Imperial Carpathian Railroad itself. The Imperial Railroad was keen on this wheel arrangement due to complex street and tight industrial trackage across its broad system of trackage. For some of these lines, the Imperials needed a large 0-4-0 to handle the larger switching activities the railroad had. Although the class B was designated for steam locomotives with the 0-6-0 wheel arrangement, these steam locomotives could not fit the tight and complex street, dockyard and industrial trackage they had in its possession. The large diameter drive wheels made for quick speed though without pony trucks to assist in turning slower speeds on turns were a must. Though the larger wheels meant they were perfectly suited to being used for inter-yard moments specially on transfer runs. Produced by Rogwin they were used throughout Carpathia in some form or another for a very long time. 

C1 Dakota
When the first trains began to show up in the Imperial expanse of carpathia, they were very smokey black coal smoking machines which broke down frequently. This was until Rogwin opened it's doors in 4020. Building steam locomotives of massive size and scale the first of their own home built designs would be massive standard gauge 5' 3" Dakota Designated the C1 for classification purposes but earning the name Dakota when the Imperial family purchased the first one and ordered Twenty-five more it would be truly the first publicly accepted passenger locomotive due to it's much higher burn rating meaning less cinders and less angry riders. Pictured above, Dakota No. 7 used by the Imperial family until it was replaced by the more impressive 4-4-2 Grand Elk. This type remained popular long after it was considered obsolete for Rogwin's famous rugged and long lived designs.
Carpathian Air Navy ZA-131 Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a ZA-131 Trident eight seat medium range attack bomber belonging to the Imperial 32nd strike flotilla zeppelin HMLS Caspian Sea. Belonging under the command of Major Anderson 5654-A a steameroid taur variant this particular craft was configured to air to air zeppelin hunting instead of ground attack giving additional firepower for it's daring crew.

Carpathian "Trident" attack bombers form the backbone of the Carpathian coalition Air Force. Sturdy and heavily-armed, these medium-range attack aircraft are the second  most widely-used planes in the Carpathian combat arsenal and most familiar to Carpathian pilots. These rugged craft are employed constantly to patrol the air vectors throughout the empire and hunt down those who trespass the sanctity of Carpathian airspace. 

ZA-131s are constructed with a Gull wing design. They are extremely heavy, though this is not so much due to the size of the aircraft as it is to the amount of armor the bomber carries. Built using "boiler-plate construction," as scoffers refer to it, the planes are made of one-inch-thick metal panels bolted together at the seams in two layers. The entire fuselage is fabricated using this method, with numerous rivets prominently decorating the airframe. While this affords a great deal of protection to the pilot and crew and the plane's systems, it also means that the Trident weighs three times as much as an unarmored plane its size.

Carpathian ZA-131s sport  two hefty 20-millimeter cannons in the central fuselage nose the wings in addition to four more 20-millimeter cannons mounted in the central wing roots. These big guns are incredibly powerful but also incredibly clumsy to operate, making attacks difficult to execute without a proper setup and crossfire pattern which their pilots are trained specifically for. At least four more can be added via detachable gun packages instead of carrying bombs making it a deadly ground attack ship.



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