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HMRS Tunisha
Heavily armed. Bristling with guns. And covered in the thickest armor, the first members of the Imperial military on a battle would often be a Royal railship, HMRS Tunisha was no different. Classified as a medium armored railship she was constructed in the year 3029 by Kern Heavy industries as part of the Imperial railfleet and had one of the most colorful careers in Imperial history. First used during the Imperial riots of 3031 she helped to put down the armed revolt of specist humans who had taken hostage the entire staff of the Imperial University of Calloway. The heavy cannons and artillery were used to punish the kidnappers and cover a marine detachment from the ship which succeeded in rescuing the university staff. They would become heros to the Empire when they drove the fleeing kidnappers right into the guns in the Tunisha. Her master of command Captain George Whitehall II was promoted to full commander after this valiant battle just like his father. Serving under his father and his own Railship the HMRS Whitehall, they would be on constant patrol throughout the empire until the very day the GSI invaded and began to besiege the capital. Fighting with the Imperial forces as mobile bases the Railships would pummel the invading forces Tunisha being refitted with much more powerful 57mm anti tank guns to pound the fast moving vehicles. But as the week went on the defenses began to fall and the evacuation call was sounded. With the Empress leaving on the Ray of Light evacuation train, HMRS Tunisha and Whitehall were called upon to provide support for the fleeing train of civilians. They were less than a mile out though before being assaulted by a pirate tank battalion. Knowing the empress was in safe hands with his Father's much more powerful armored train protecting her, His son made a brave but fatal decision. Turning around at a wye he bid his father farewell and that he would give them the precious time they needed. His men willing to follow him into the fires of hell for their Empress went full on willing back towards the capital punching right through the pirate's lines slaughtering hundreds before a shell penetrated his command copula. The shrapnel killed the young captain almost instantly but they fought on even without their leader. They fought on for days even after the pirates finally disabled their train leaving them stationary. It wouldn't be till three years later that the empress and her armies returned allied by a two million man army came and reclaimed their capitol. The city in ruins, the wreck of HMRS Tunisha would be found in the middle of the city derailed but still galant as ever flying the flag of the Empire, as if welcoming the returning Empress home. The HMRS Tunisha would be salvaged and rebuilt as a memorial to the battle and the body of Captain George Whitehall II was given a funeral worthy of a god for his bravery his men buried alongside him at the feet of the statue of Rudolf the god of life and light, an honor only shared by the bravest of heros. 

Compliment- 105 souls

Powerplant- 1x Imperial Delta class 2-6-2 armored steam locomotive

Armament- 2x 107mm Ryan artillery cannons 

                  4x 57mm Rodgwin Heavy industries AT cannons in single mount turrets
                  13x 12.5mm Mcgreen heavy machine guns 

                  2x 40mm twin mount Rodgwin AA cannons

                  45 Imperial Marines

                  2x Rebel light reconisanse/battle tanks

DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION this project took about three weeks to complete start to finish
A Ray of Light WIP

Ray of Light is the popular name of the 300-class 42-6-4-4 mallet articulated, coal-fired, steam locomotives manufactured between 3031 and 3034 and operated by the Empire of Carpathia's Homegrown royal railroad traveling across it's entire reach.

The Ray fleet of ten locomotives were used primarily from the Capital of Artha where the empress reined to haul passengers over the immense flat plains between Artha and the dessert frontier of Gresser. They were the only locomotives to use a 2-6-4-4 wheel arrangement consisting of a two-wheel leading truck for stability entering curves, two sets of driving wheels in a six and then four wheel set with a four-wheel trailing truck to support the giant firebox. Standing in at an incredible 80' the drive wheels combined with their powerful steaming capabilities propelled their 18 car trains at speeds up to a new speed record of 110mph making the runs between Artha and Gresser in under twelve hours earning their names as the Rays of Light. With their time table set to run from evening into morning, the rising sun on their return to Gresser made their golden paint glimmer like a lightning bolt. 

Used with pride for almost ten years before the steameroid wars began two of them were double headed together from Artha as part of the city wide evacuation to Gresser. Out running the GSI they successfully evacuated in two trips almost a third of the city including saving the Empress and her remaining family. They would be used in wartime service as high speed troop trains with one even being used by the Empress as the powerplant on her private armored train right up to the end of the wars almost fifty years later.


Carpathian Air Navy Cutter
This twin engine attack vessel is the light workhorse of the Royal Navy and uses its point defense guns to provide anti-Torpedo and  air mine coverage for larger ships. The Cutter has relatively good firepower and is quite maneuverable given it's size. The smallest ship with a heavy cannon mount, this airship can punish smaller ships which get too close, if not with it's more powerful arrangement it would be in it's compliment of boarders ready to swing swords and brandish shotguns for the empress to retake captured vessels. Used extensively with small patrol squadrons of Gunsloops this ship is a welcome addition to any flotilla in it's ability to be a versatile grunt able to do most tasks and be armored enough to take on two ships by itself. 

  • Crew: 50+30 marines
  • Length: 534 ft 0 in 
  • Diameter: 140 ft 0 in
  • Height: 160 ft 0 in 
  • Powerplant: 2 x 100hp triple expansion steam engine 


  • Maximum speed: 90 mph 
  • Endurance: over 300 hours
  • Weapons: 1 x 8in heavy cannon 16 x 6in medium cannon, 8 x 3in cannon, 2 x 1in AA cannon, 4 x 1.5in AA cannon

Carpathian Air Navy Gunsloop
The Carpathian Air Navy uses this quick and maneuverable attack vessel primarily as a scout, messenger, customs ship and close support ground attack vessel. With its limited firepower and fragile structure, the sloop must depend on it's speed and work closely with other ships in combat if it is to survive often finding safety with Cutters. The Gunsloop is well suited for rescue operations but it's hull is easily damaged by Ariel torpedo and anti-zeppelin mines due to it's lack of anti torpedo weapons. Built in large numbers this vessel plays a valuable role in ground attack often being the first ships on the scene of a battle for air support and while they are not the most powerful ships in the navy, far from it in fact their speed makes them very hard to hit.

  • Crew: 30+10 marines
  • Length: 343 ft 0 in (104.57 m)
  • Diameter: 76 ft 0 in (23.17 m)
  • Height: 107 ft 0 in (32.62 m)
  • Powerplant: 1 x 100hp triple expansion steam engine 


  • Maximum speed: 105 mph 
  • Endurance: over 300 hours
  • Weapons: 6 x 6in medium cannon, 4 x 3in cannon, 2 x 1in AA cannon, 2 x 1.5in AA cannon


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